Terms of use of the project "russiamoney.org"

The organizer is the administration of the project "russiamoney.org".

Participant - any individual who registered on the project "russiamoney.org".

1.1 Having registered on the project, you unconditionally agree with the rules of this site in full, that is, with all the points listed in the rules.

1.2 Administration reserves the right to supplement, as well as edit the project rules without warning users. .

1.3 Ignoring and breaking the rules will be strictly suppressed.

2.1 The organizer provides a venue for free time. The organizer does not force you to invest money in the project, and also recommends investing in the project only funds in which there is no special need. All investments are voluntary.

2.2 A participent can replenish the balance in the project (to make a deposit).

2.3 A participent can buy things on the "market", spend on the advertising balance or on games.

2.4 A participent can take part in contests.

2.5 A participent can invite referrals to the project.

2.6 A participent can make withdraws

2.7 Reserve - the amount of money, until total depletion of which (at least 80%) the administration guarantees the continuous operation of the project.

3.1 Observe the privacy of users, that is, not to disclose their personal data: passwords, wallets, transactions, e-mails, etc.

3.2 Administration guarantees timely access to the site russiamoney.org, however the administration can not guarantee permanent access without interference due to force majeure circumstances.

3.3 If technical problems arise, resume the project within 3-5 days

3.4 The Organizer guarantees payment of at least 80% of the reserve fund (you can see it in statistics or on the main page)

3.5 Administration guarantees the possibility of earning money without investing your personal funds.

3.6 Administration guarantees free access to project rules.

4.1 When registering, provide truthful information in all fields of the registration form.

4.2 Be responsible for any financial transactions in your account, even if they were not conducted by the participant.

4.3 Do not publish offensive messages, slander, arrange discord and other types of messages, spoiling the reputation of the project or users.

4.4 The participant undertakes not to register more than 1 account per person, from one ip address or computer.

4.5 Do not attempt to break into the project and do not use possible errors for your own benefit.

4.6 Do not distribute your affiliate links using spam, teaser advertising on suspicious resources, since this kind of advertising harms the reputation of the project.

4.7 To monitor project rules at least once a week.

4.8 Do not condemn the actions of the participants and organizers of the project.

4.9 To take all actions in the project exclusively voluntarily, to all the participants is on the positive side. Do not complain to the administration.

4.10 Do not use undocumented features (bugs) and software errors of the game and immediately notify organizations about them, as well as about the persons using these errors.

5.1 Deactivate the account of the participant of the game without refunding the invested funds and compensating for the time costs in case of gross violations of the project rules, or numerous complaints about this participant from other players of the playground.

5.2 Edit the project, the accounts of the participants in case of failure or malfunction.

6.1. The Organizer (Administrator) does not guarantee constant and uninterrupted access to the playground and its services in the event of technical problems and / or unforeseen circumstances, including: inadequate operation or failure of the Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as illegal actions third parties.

6.2 The administration is not responsible for the lost funds of the project participants that have arisen in connection with the unlawful actions of third parties: interruptions caused by the organizer, failure of the server or Internet provider, improper actions of payment systems, as well as force majeure circumstances of the participants, for example: loss in the auction because of interruptions in the Internet connection on your part. And also the administration is not responsible for the lost funds of participants.

6.3 The administration is not liable to the participant for the actions of other project participants..